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Related article: in the 'thirties and early 'forties amateur teams, though they had splendid bowling. Sir Frederick Bathurst was world-known, and one of the principal men in the M.C.C., and they had two other celebrated bowlers ; — Mr. Alfred James Lowth (who wrote an article in the green cover not long ago), and who bowled for Gentlemen and Players in 1836, when a boy at Winchester, and afterwards in the 'forties, and was the finest bowler ever seen at Oxford ; and his old schoolfellow, Mr. Godfrey Bolles Lee, now Warden of Winchester, and alive and well, aged 83, who also was one of the most destructive bowlers at the University when at Oxford, and constant bowler for Hants. Sir Frederick's was the legitimate round arm, with the hand below the elbow and about the height of the hip. He bowled for the Gentlemen for over twenty years, and on his last appearance as bowler in 1853 against the Players, he and Mr. Kempson were never changed, and took all the wickets, and the Players lost by four wickets. Hants then generally played the M.C.C., and occasionally Sussex. As I said before, most of the bowling was of home growth. In most districts one or two prac- tice nights were set aside in all the good clubs, and those who took part in them were all plapng for places in the eleven. When William Clarke, in 1846, travelled England with a first-rate eleven in the early railway days, cricket grew all over England, and other travelling clubs followed suit ; and when Surrey, which was admirably supported by many of the leading amateurs of England, the Vice-president being the late Lord Bessborough, who held the post from 1845 till his death — when not President — grew into comparative independence, it from time to time got Notts and Yorkshire to play a home-and- home match, and drew Cam- bridgeshire and Gloucestershire also to London. The Graces, Walkers, Lubbocks, and other eminent amateurs, on their join- ing, Order Irbesartan Online advanced the fortunes of the Club, and Surrey became one of the leading Clubs in England, and second only to Marylebone. Surrey had a grand cricket nursery in the local Clubs, such Generic Irbesartan as Dork- ing, Mitcham, Reigate, Epsom, Esher and Godalming districts; and in later days by cultivating the talent of a second eleven, admirably captained by Mr. Grey- burn, a Yorkshire gentleman, they can send into the field as good men as existed in the palmy days when the county played and beat All England, as their reserve second eleven can always be relied on. The enormous scores of to-day, in the opinion of most of the old school, are attributable to the modern practice of judging l.b.w., by accepted ruling in modem times that the ball must pitch on the eight-inch space of turf between wicket and wicket, and thereby depriving the bowler wholly of his "break," and the I90O.] BILLIARDS, 1900. 183 monotonous " over-head " Buy Irbesartan swing of modem bowlers, //us relieving the batsman of the necessity of running all runs out which was a fair tax on his condition, and plus also of the abuse of the pad. It is a question now whether "catch- ing " is so good as it was in the Purchase Irbesartan old days when the evening prac- tice was in vogue, and aspirants hoped Purchase Irbesartan Online to get into the eleven for excellence in fielding, which was formerly one of the great tests of a cricketer. In those days nets were imknown, and long-stop was one of the most important watches in the field. One great proof of the extra- ordinary growth of cricket is that since the days when Winchester, Harrow and Eton had the mo- nopoly of school cricket up to 1854, when the matches were stopped, schools from all parts of England sent up candidates for cricket honours at Oxford and Cambridge, and you may see the names of a dozen or fifteen difie- rent schools who " man ** the two University elevens, whereas in former days the members of the two University elevens were al- most exclusively from Winchester, Harrow or Eton, as they knew one another at Lord's. We old ones must grin and bear it if we do not like all the novelties in the game, and the plate-glass wickets which kill the bowling and render some of the batting as tedious as Peal on the "spot" and Roberts' "nursing cannons " before the " push ** stroke was barred. We, like dogs, have had our day, and are happy in our contemplation of past glories, and that amuses us and does not hurt younger Eng- land. For one I may, I suppose, truthfully say that I have seen in London and the country at least fifty Kent matches, and hope to see more before I Buy Irbesartan Online become "one who was,** F. Order Irbesartan G. Billiards, 1900. In a former article in Baily the writer fully analysed and discussed the Revised Rules of Billiards, and drew attention to the points of difference between these Rules and those previously authorised by the Billiard Association of Great Britain and Ireland. Our great indoor game has now been played under the Revised Rvdes for two Buy Cheap Irbesartan seasons, ample time to test their merits or otherwise, and it is pro- posed to briefly discuss their prac- tical effects on the game of billiards as played in the present year of grace, 1900. In the first place, the push- stroke, for so long a subject of such bitter contention and weari- some discussion, is now most properly ruled a foul stroke, and thus is eliminated for ever from our English game, the beauty of which it threatened to mar in more ways than one. What chiefly caused my own desertion from the ranks of the supporters of the " push *' (for at one time I, in good company, too, deemed the stroke an absolutely essential factor in English billiards) was the fact that its excessive culti- vation, more particularly in con- junction with " nursery-cannon " play (in itself a method of scoring largely dependent on knack or trick), was fast robbing our national game of its open and all-round character. Professional play was more and more becor 1 84